High Power Mods


Vaporizers have come a long way since the first device hit the market. Little by little, they have been innovating until reaching unimaginable powers, all with the aim of achieving the best vaping experience.

With the advent of Mods or Box Mods , the characteristics of the devices took a qualitative leap. Very high powers were achieved, as well as a multitude of features to adjust vaping to the tastes of the user, but for this they had to innovate with atomizers, resistors and also adding protection systems to provide a safe vaping experience .

Today there are various ranges of vaping devices and literally hundreds of models from many brands that are dedicated to this particular field. The most common is that there are users who are looking for a vape similar to the sensation that traditional cigarettes offered them, so they tend to get closer to Pod -type devices, but there are also other types of users who are looking for a more powerful and intense vape, capable of to generate large vapor clouds.

Today we will mainly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of high power mods .


  • The first is the most obvious, its size and weight. These types of devices are, as a rule, much more bulky and heavier than pod or pod mod cigarettes, which work at less power, and especially with those that have an integrated battery.

  • Another of its disadvantages is that, although they have a micro-USB port for recharging, it is highly recommended that the batteries be recharged in external chargers, especially those that have more than one battery. There are two main reasons for this: First, because the electronics of the device suffer a lot, and can even suffer damage or greatly reduce its useful life. On the other hand, the two battery holes do not usually recharge in a balanced way, which can unbalance the charge of the batteries and also reduce their useful life.
  • Finally, something that can also be considered a disadvantage is that when vaping at high powers, the consumption of both liquids and batteries is greater, as well as the useful life of the resistors is reduced compared to Pods or with lower power devices. So surely the cost of consumables will be higher with these devices than with others.


  • The first one that should be referred to would be something that we have already mentioned previously, that high-powered Mods generate more vapor. These types of devices come with sub-ohm atomizers to get the most out of vaping . The lower the ohm rating, the greater the power range that the resistance will allow (always taking into account the manufacturer's specifications). In order to reach the optimal point of these resistances, Mods that can reach high powers, above 80W, are usually required.

  • These types of devices are safer at high powers. Many single power bank mods are capable of reaching and even exceeding 100W. Even so, the most powerful Mods (which usually work with two external batteries) can achieve higher powers by being safer at those ranges , mainly because they do not force the efficiency of the batteries as much

  • Having this type of device also increases autonomy. Having more than one battery in a vaporizer directly influences its capacity, not just its power, which helps it last longer vaping .
  • Finally, another of the great advantages of this type of device is the number of options to choose from. Today hundreds of Mods can be found on the market and new models with new innovations .

If you like to vape at high wattages, a device that can safely exceed 100W is the best option. Even if you think you'll never vape at such high wattages, there are reasons why it's a good idea to invest in a powerful Mod.

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