What causes that unpleasant burnt taste when vaping?


Has it ever happened to you that you are vaping and instead of feeling the delicious taste of your liquid , you feel a rather unpleasant burnt taste?

When the burnt taste occurs when vaping , it can be due to different reasons, therefore, we are going to explain the main causes that can cause this situation and how you can solve it.

Causes of burnt taste when vaping:

Remember that you should always give your vaper the best possible care and maintenance. It is a device made up of different elements, and like any other, after continuous use it can be damaged or harbor dirt.

  • Absence of liquid: It may seem the most obvious, but it is the most frequent. When our vape runs out of liquid, the easiest thing is for us to notice that burned taste, because the wicks that go to the resistance of our vaper burn by not having contact with the liquid. The solution is very simple, you just have to recharge your vaper with the e-liquid of your choice, wait a few minutes for the wicks to be in contact with the liquid and acquire hydration and you can enjoy exquisite vaping again.
  • Dirt from use itself: This is another reason why we can get a burnt taste when vaping. Your electronic cigarette can accumulate a lot of dirt, which can cause us that unpleasant taste. The solution is again very simple, all you have to do is thoroughly clean your vaper using a damp cloth. To carry out a correct cleaning, you must disassemble all the parts of your vaper, and then clean them with the cloth.
  • Decomposed components: If you are suffering from a burnt taste when vaping and the two previous options have not worked for you, we must proceed to study the severity of the damage to our electronic cigarette , since it is most likely that one of its components is damaged . There are three key elements that can cause that unpleasant taste, and these are the resistance , the clearomizer and the wicks . Like other components, these also have a usage limit. What we must do is find the right spare part for our vaper , the assembly and disassembly of the parts is relatively easy, so with this you should not have any problems.

How to avoid the burnt taste when vaping?

The best thing is to avoid that unpleasant sensation, and the good thing is that with a little care we can avoid suffering that effect again.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Make sure to refill your vaper: Every time you go to use your vaper, check that you have enough liquid in the tank or pod, even if you firmly believe that it is full, it is better to heal in health. This will help your vaper not be forced and you can enjoy a longer lifespan.
  • Maintenance of your vaper: It is completely natural that dirt is generated when using your vaper. To avoid major problems, it is best to spend a little time every few uses thoroughly cleaning your electronic cigarette. If every certain period of time you carry out a complete cleaning by disassembling the components of your vaper, you will ensure perfect maintenance.
  • Way of use: And yes, depending on the way you use it, you can shorten or lengthen the useful life of your vaper's resistance. The first thing that you must be clear about when using your vaper is that it is not the same as a traditional cigarette, so the way to use it should not be similar to each other. When you take puffs with your vaper, make sure they are long and avoid doing them continuously, this will help your vaper to last over time.
  • Use covers: And it is that the fact of using a cover every time you are not using your vaper will make its maintenance more durable, since the involuntary ignition of this device causes its components to wear out, the e-liquid to be lost and finally we suffer that burnt taste when vaping or that our electronic cigarette is permanently damaged. If your vaper has ignition security, don't forget to activate it every time you don't use it.

We hope this post has been of great help, remember that whenever you have questions you can visit your favorite store.

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