Accessories and spare parts that you should keep in mind for your Vaporizer


There are many accessories, spare parts and tools that they make life easier for Vapers , especially if what we like is the world of repairable atomizers. No matter what type of vaper you are, beginner or experienced, there are certain accessories that you must have. Although not all devices require high maintenance, these objects will help us on a day-to-day basis to enjoy and get the most out of our vaping experience.


Each person likes a certain type of vaping. the nozzles They are a very practical replacement, either because our atomizer has been broken or lost, or because some of the ones that are included in the devices are not comfortable for us when taking a puff. There are two types of different sizes of mouthpieces or drip tips , the 510 (designed for mouth-lung vaping) and the 810 (with a larger diameter and designed for direct lung vaping ).

Drip Tips - Vape Shop

External battery chargers

As we have already mentioned before, although the Mods allow the option of charging the 18650 batteries in the same device through a USB, it is always more advisable to recharge them in external chargers to avoid problems or imbalances with the batteries, in addition to also avoiding possible failures in the devices.

Today there are many options for external chargers , from simple chargers for 1 battery to advanced chargers that allow charging up to 8 batteries at the same time. It is best that you look for the one best suits your needs without neglecting quality and safety.

External Battery Chargers - Vape Shop

Tools kit

If you are one of those who go crazy with DIY and repairable tanks, there are a series of tools that you cannot miss, such as ceramic tweezers, pliers, a good coil jig, or small scissors. In general, it is possible to buy all of them separately in vaping stores or even in hardware stores or specialized stores, but in many cases it is more worthwhile to have your own complete toolkit specialized in vaping products.

Vaping Tool Kits

These are some of the accessories that we have thought would be useful for any Vape lover!

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