Characteristics of an Electronic Cigarette


In today's article, we want to expose what are the characteristics that an electronic cigarette should have to satisfy your needs:

  • Clear tank or cartridge

Dark colored tanks and cartridges may look great, but they often have a problem, and that is the difficulty of clearly seeing how much liquid is left in the tank at a glance. In this way there are possibilities of spending all the liquid and ending up taking a puff with that horrible burnt taste or even end the life of the resistor in an instant.

  • easy to change resistors

Not long ago, to change a resistance you had to carry out a series of steps that became tedious for people with little experience in vaping . Currently, almost all brands are opting for a simpler system in which you only have to pull the resistance to remove it and place the new one by pushing it without the need for a thread and in a way that there are no cracks through which may cause leaks.

  • simple fill

In the same way, in the past, filling with liquid could become an odyssey. Today almost all tanks have simple systems in which slide cover and this shows one or two wide filling slots to be able to fill easily, likewise, the cartridges have lateral, upper or lower filling, in which you only have to remove the cap and pour the liquid.

  • A good adjustable airflow system

Each person seeks a different vaping experience. Many users like a wide puff while others look for a tighter puff that is more like a traditional cigarette. It is important that the tank or cartridge has an air flow control that allows us different options. Although it is very difficult for an atomizer to allow us a very wide direct puff to the lungs and at the same time a puff very closed mouth-lung, the wider the margin, the more options we can have.

  • A simple interface

There are advanced models with incredible features. However, with the passage of time, it is normal for the user to end up adapting to a use that is comfortable for him. The best thing is that it has a simple interface and that it is intuitive in case you want to change the options.

  • An optimal display with accurate and easily accessible information

Looking for the best device, it should be able to present useful information regarding our vaping on a screen that can be seen clearly both in broad daylight and in darker conditions. Details should be clearly visible, well organized on the screen, with good use of colour, and a well-lit screen. The detailed information should reach us in an easily understandable form even if its size is not too large. You would also have to prioritize the most important data, the power, the remaining autonomy, the ohmage of the resistance, on others that are not so much, such as the puff counter or other options.

  • Buttons with some resistance

Often when we put the device in our pocket, simply out of habit, we do not lock the device, and it is common that when we take it out, the settings we had chosen have been modified. If we don't realize it, it is possible that the power has increased beyond the range that the resistance allows and that we end up burning it. In a device that has adjustment buttons that offer some resistance, it is more difficult for involuntary pressing to occur while we have them in our pocket, which can avoid surprises in case we forgot to lock the device.

  • They have good autonomy

A device that could be considered perfect should have a long-lasting battery that allows you to vape the whole day comfortably and without problems. Today the autonomy of the batteries has improved considerably and it is rare that there are devices that do not last the day. Keep in mind that although the milliamps indicate the autonomy of the battery, this figure is not everything. The autonomy also depends on the power at which you are using your device. The higher the power, the shorter the duration that the same battery will have.

  • super fast charging

USB Type-C charging cables are a great option for devices. Likewise, these must be prepared to be able to carry out a fast charge even in batteries with a great capacity of autonomy. In the same way, the place where the charging port should be located should be on the side or front, since placing it at the bottom of the device can stop the resistance from soaking, in addition to causing possible liquid leaks. and hinder its use while it is charging.

  • resistant devices

More and more devices can withstand a fall well. In the past, an accidental fall of your electronic cigarette probably meant that the tank would break, as well as a possible malfunction of the device. Today more solid Mods are being manufactured, reaching the point of making them resistant to water, dust and shock.

  • adjustable power

A device that can allow an adjustable power allows us to adjust our vaping preferences, in addition to being able to modify the selection if we change the tank or type of resistance. It is true that for those who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping it is less necessary, however, for most users a power range between 1-80W is usually enough.

  • smart mode

Smart mode is an option that is becoming more and more fashionable on devices. Depending on the electronic cigarette, it can work in several ways: either choose the appropriate power for the resistance your tank is wearing, or define the power range to which you should adjust, or it recommends what is the best power for the resistance you are using. wearing.

  • Have a wide range of resistances

If we have the possibility to choose between multiple resistances, we can alternate the type of vaping, especially until we find the one with which we feel more comfortable vaping.

In short, it is very difficult to find an electronic cigarette that has all the characteristics that we have been mentioning. However, we hope that this text has been able to help you when it comes to knowing what your own preferences are and what you should look for whenever you go to buy a new device.

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