Avoid leaks in your Electronic Cigarette


Normally we get very worried when our electronic cigarette starts to drip or leak, today we bring you this post so you know what to do when this starts to happen. Don't worry, this problem has a solution!

There are many reasons why you atomizer loses liquid, so it is important that you know them and avoid damage and worries.

  • Check your resistors:

The truth is that the tanks and resistors They are mass-produced, so it is normal that there are some defects, although clearly not in all cases. However, on some occasions this type of failure prevents the resistors from containing the liquid properly.

If you were to suffer this problem, our recommendation is that you try a change of resistance, that way you will check if everything works correctly. These problems usually appear in the first days of purchasing the product. If they appear at another time, it may be due to something different.

In this sense, one cause may be that the resistance is not well screwed and therefore the liquid is lost. Examine the thread very well and make sure it is not damaged. Once this is done, screw it back on and test it; at this point everything should work fine.

  • Fill your tank carefully:

You should always be careful when filling your atomizer. Try to always do it through the correct hole. This problem occurs, above all, in people who are just starting to vape and do not know the components of the device very well. Another recommendation is that you do not fill it too much; It is always good to leave a small vacuum so that the air in the upper part acts as a vacuum cleaner, thus avoiding the escape of the liquid.

  • Regulator:

It may also happen that the air flow regulator is very closed, which will prevent air from going into the tank and inhalations will be much stronger. When this happens, you risk a lot more liquid getting into the atomizer, causing flooding and therefore a leak of vape liquid. To counteract this situation, all you'll need to do is open the air passage a bit, which will allow for better airflow and prevent leaks.

  • Tank in vertical form:

This is very practical advice, especially if you are a casual consumer. Avoid leaving your vape for a long time horizontally, as this can cause a leak of the liquid. The position of the tank is an important factor in avoiding complications, so keep that in mind.

  • Hot or cold:

In summer is when we have more fluid leaks, it's very simple, the heat makes the fluid lose density and the drainage is greater and therefore the resistance drains excessively and leaks.

In winter the problem is much less except in areas with a lot of frost, if it is very cold the liquid has an excess of density that at first it will not drain well but with the pulsations it begins to heat but its drainage is not stable and you can also have leaks .

  • Change of pressures or Height:

Pressure changes occur in airplanes, if you are going to travel by plane please never carry it loaded with liquid because it will leak entirely, there are also more liquid leaks in places with great height due to the same pressure problem.

We hope this information is very helpful to you and you put it into practice.

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