When to change the resistance of your Vaporizer?


One of the most frequently asked questions we get when someone buys a Vaper is: How long does the stamina last? The most correct answer is that the duration It depends on how long you're vaping . The quality of the resistance and even your vaping style also influence. It will depend on the type of liquids that you use, your power when vaping or the level of nicotine .

Is there an approximate period of duration of the resistance? We could say that the duration is between 2 and 5 weeks. It may be more or it may be less; it all depends on how often you vape.

  • When to replace the resistance of the Vaper?

There are some signs that warn you that it is time to change it:

If you see that you no longer produce as much vapor as before, it is a sign that the resistance is dying. Another indication is that newly purchased liquids have less flavor or, directly, do not know anything. There may also be a problem with the resistance if you don't notice the change from one flavor to another.

But unequivocal factor is the possible burnt taste. If you notice this or feel like the liquids don't taste like anything, your resistance will have to retire now. Another sign that the resistor is burnt is that the liquid turns dark quickly.

  • How to know if the resistance of the Vaper is burned?

Yes when vaping you notice a burnt taste instead of the usual delicious flavors of your liquids, your resistance will have burned. Remember that some electronic cigarette models allow you to see the resistances. If you have one like that, take a look at the resistor; if it is black or brown in color, it has been burned. Change it!

  • How to extend the life of my Vapeo resistors?

Some measures can be taken to extend the duration of vaping coils:

1. Do not take too many puffs

A Smooth, calm vaping with pauses extends the useful life of the coils. Each time you take a puff, give the stamina a breather before moving on to the next puff.

2. Lower the power of the Mod or electronic cigarette

We already told you! The more power you vape , the sooner the stamina of the Vaper is consumed. Do not always use it at maximum power, Lower the watts you use when vaping .

3. Wet it with liquid before placing it

Maybe you didn't know this tip, but it's very important. The first time you are going to use a resistor, Dip the visible part of the cotton a little in the vaping liquid. Careful! Get it slightly wet, but don't soak it!

Another trick that helps when starting to vape is to give several dry puffs without pressing the button on the electronic cigarette. In this way, you make sure that the liquid circulates well through the resistance and it does not burn.

4. Vape at low power for the first 24 hours

When you put in a new resistor, remember do not vape at high power for the first 24 hours of use. This trick also works to prevent burning. On some models, the Vaporizer can be set indicating that the resistance is new, and this is configured automatically.

After this period, you will have to find a balance between vaping at full power and low power. As harmful is one thing as the other. Yeah you vape at low power, you can flood the resistance; but if you vape at a high potency, you will burn it.

Use your cigar at a moderate power so as not to vaporize all the liquid from the cotton and to extend the life of the resistance.

5. Do not leave the tank empty of liquid

You can check the level of the liquid by looking at the cotton. If you see that the liquid is below the cotton, it is possible that the resistance is not soaking properly and can burn. Save yourself trouble and always keep the tank full.

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