What is Synthetic Nicotine?

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Surely in recent days you have seen that vaping liquids come with synthetic nicotine or tobacco free nicotine (TFN: Tobacco Free Nicotine)

Tobacco-free nicotine e-liquids are a man-made replica of the nicotine found in tobacco. It's the exact same chemical just produced differently.

Traditional nicotine comes mainly from tobacco, which is used in a myriad of applications. There are several authorized methods to extract nicotine from tobacco, including those that use solvents such as ammonia or ethanol to extract it. Although the traditional process for nicotine is a long time old, it is also possible to obtain the same molecule through a chemical reaction. The basic idea is to take a molecule that can serve as a precursor to nicotine and combine the molecule with a catalyst that will react with the precursor to form nicotine.

Although synthetic nicotine may be more expensive, there is already a strong market demand, so laboratories are refining the methods used to seek greater efficiency and lower cost.

The main advantages of synthetic nicotine boil down to the purest source of nicotine. When nicotine is extracted from tobacco, it always incorporates some tobacco-derived impurities into the mix. These can be kept at very low levels, but they will still be present. When nicotine is produced synthetically, there are no tobacco-derived impurities to ruin the mix. This means a cleaner taste, with the nicotine being effectively odorless and tasteless. Without the planty flavor of impurities creeping into the flavor, there's less of a need to use tons of flavoring to produce a more flavorful e-liquid.

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