Vaping Tricks: 6 tricks you can do at home


We know that most of us are delighted when we see the most vaping experts do the best tricks, that's why today we bring you 8 vaping tricks, you'll see that it's easier than you think, you just need a little practice and patience.

1. Phantom Inhalation

  • Take a puff from the best vaping device you use and give it significant time to spend in your mouth.
  • Push all the steam from the steamer into a ball. Repeat this a few times to help you ensure control of how you take a short exhale while also making sure it comes out in a short round burst.
  • In quick succession, try to inhale all the steam into your mouth. You should be able to see some "ghost steam" as it is being sucked up.

2. The dragon

  • Take a long drag from a vaporizer, making sure you don't inhale the vapor.
  • Try to expel it through your nose while trying to exhale through both parts of your mouth. Don't forget to use the tongue or the center part of the lip to build a block in the center of the mouth.

3. The tornado

  • Find a flat surface and make sure nothing is on it. For starters, you can also take an empty roll from the pallet to allow them to breathe more compactly. Advanced users can slowly inhale smoke from the table to ensure that the vapor does not disappear.
  • Try to absorb as much steam as you can
  • Try to breathe the steam from the table. You can refer to the first trick.
  • There are two main ways to complete this step. They include: 1) Try to separate your ring finger and little finger from the rest of your fingers and place them on the table. 2) Put all your fingers together and try to put your hand inside the smoke (you can choose an option that you feel comfortable with).
  • More quickly, try to remove your hand vertically to form tornado steam that rises and spins.

4. Blowing O smoking ring

  • It only requires you to drag deep and make sure it stays inside your throat. On the other hand, make sure that the tongue is situated at the bottom of the mouth, getting closer to the back of the throat. You should then be able to make an O shape with your lips, which is very easy to do. Once you can secure the O shape, you can now do quick pulsing movements using your throat. Let the vaporizer come out in the shape of the letter O.

5. jellyfish

  • Try to inhale a good amount of steam, which is enough to blow out the smoke rings.
  • Try to blow a big O ring, at the same time you can use your hand to push the ring gently.
  • Blow out a small O and try to push it towards the center. Force the two rings to form the shape of a jellyfish while stretching
  • Add some tilt, style and inhale all that remains.

6. Double Triple O Smoking Ring

  • You can start by taking a deep inhale from the vaping device. Try to open your mouth slowly and put a finger in the middle. Gently try to exhale steam as you tap the inside of your throat with the finger of your other hand. This may seem a bit difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you can always create a room that has several small steamer rings.

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