What is Sub-ohm Vaping?


Sub-ohm vaping is one in which you use to vape a device with a tank in which a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm is used. Many devices, especially those that work at lower wattages such as Pods, work with resistances that are usually in the wattage range of 1-2 ohms. However, sub-ohm devices offer lower resistance when current passes through them, and that's where the term sub-ohm comes from.

The use of wider resistive wires helps to reduce the ohmnage of the resistors, since the larger the surface, the more current can flow. Sub-ohm devices are used with liquids that contain a higher proportion of vegetable glycerin.

Advantages of Sub-ohm Vaping:

  • Smooth Vaping: Sub-ohm vaping gives you the opportunity to enjoy a much smoother vaping experience. The combination of liquids with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin and low nicotine levels make sub-ohm vaping an excellent form of vaping. This type of liquid with a low concentration of nicotine reduces the throat hit. If we use nicotine levels of 6mg or higher, the sensation in the throat will be annoying, not to mention that, since this type of vaping consumes more liquid, we will absorb in our body greater amount of nicotine, causing dizziness, nausea or discomfort.
  • Larger clouds of vapor: If generating large clouds of vapor is your thing, then sub-ohm vaping is for you. This way of vaping produces more vapor and adds a touch of fun to your vaping experience.

  • More intense flavors: Despite the fact that propylene glycol is capable of transmitting the flavors of liquids better than vegetable glycerin, thanks to the power of the devices and the designs of the resistances that manage to vaporize a greater amount of liquid, sub-vaping ohm is capable of achieving intense and faithful flavors to offer a great vaping experience also to those who they enjoy the flavor as well as the steam.

Now that you have a little more knowledge about this type of vaping, dare to try it! Find in our store sub-ohm tanks.

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