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Vaping is a much safer option than traditional cigarettes and can help us take the step towards a healthier way of life. Even so, there are certain guidelines and care that we must take into account to make this a 100% reliable experience.

Next, we will give you some tips:

  • Always use quality liquids

When buying your liquids, you must be clear and always buy quality liquids that comply with the regulations of your country and always avoid liquids of which you do not know the origin. The reason is basically because if a liquid has permission to be sold and distributed in your country, it is because it meets a series of strict regulations for use with electronic cigarettes that may not exist in other places or markets.

Quality liquids will provide us with a greater satisfaction as users, as well as being a plus to enjoy safe vaping.

Of course, this section is also applicable to devices. We must always trust brands that have passed all security controls and stay away from illegal copies or devices that we do not know or have doubts about their origin.

  • Take care of your device

Using liquids of the best quality but combining them with a device that we do not properly clean every time it is necessary can cause it to lose all that quality and safety. If we do not take care of the device, it will not produce quality vapor, something that will harm our experience as users.

  • try new flavors

While not directly advice that will improve vaping safety, trying new flavors may be more of a help to those just transitioning into the world of e-cigarettes. At first, many ex-smokers seek an experience similar to that of smoking traditional cigarettes, with a tight mouth-lung draw, a good throat hit, and a flavor as close to tobacco as possible.

Many experts recommend the opposite. One of the great advantages What vaping has is the number of flavors available. In addition to tobacco flavors, there are menthol, fruity, gourmet, and beverage flavors. These flavors are more pleasant to the taste and smell than tobacco smoke, they also do not linger in the environment and, according to studies, there is no passive vaper, unlike cigarettes, which those around you suffer from. the smokers.

Apart from the flavors, you can vary the nicotine that the liquids have and even choose liquids without nicotine, which is a great advantage and ensures an even safer vaping for our health, since this is an addictive substance.

  • Store liquids in appropriate places

Liquids should be stored in places with appropriate conditions, especially if we are going to have them for a certain time. These should preferably be stored in cabinets or drawers where don't be too hot and where they are not exposed to direct sunlight, especially since they can lose their quality as well as the flavor of the liquid itself. The bottles must be tightly closed to prevent them from spoiling or reducing their quality.

In the same way, if we have been with the same liquid in a tank for a long time, it is preferable to change it, since it may have lost its quality and ruin our vaping experience.

  • Change of resistors

It is important to change the resistors when necessary. The normal thing (always depending on many factors such as the power at which we vape or the ohmage of the resistance itself) is that a resistance has a useful life of between five and ten days, and it may be less if we vape at very high powers or more. if we use a device with little power and a resistance of more than 1.0ohm. Likewise, ceramic resistors are much more durable, being able to achieve easily double its useful life compared to other resistors.

It is easy to know when to change resistance. On the one hand, if we take a puff and it gives us a horrible burnt taste, there may be two possible options: it may well be that the tank has run out of liquid, or that the resistance has come to an end. In case it is the latter, we should not continue with it, since it can be bad for our health.

Not all resistors reach the end of their useful life in the same way. There are resistors that when they are finished simply stop producing vapor to a greater extent or that do not transmit the flavor of the liquid as they should. In that case, even if we haven't noticed the unpleasant burnt taste, we should also change the resistance or the cartridge that we are using.

  • Battery care

Electronic cigarette batteries are a very important part that is also related to safety. Today practically all electronic devices for vaping have a series of protection systems to avoid short circuits, high or low voltage, or even power cut after 10 seconds to avoid possible involuntary pulsations if we keep it in a pocket and we have forgotten to lock or turn it off.

External batteries , however, used to not have protections themselves, something that brands have been trying to integrate in recent years. That is why it is important to make certain safety habits battery related. Important things to keep in mind with batteries would be, for example:

  • Never leave the electronic cigarette or batteries in direct sunlight or near sources of heat.
  • In the case of external batteries, make sure that the plastic that covers them is always in perfect condition.
  • Do not let batteries discharge below the recommended minimum voltage.
  • Keep the contacts of the devices clean and prevent residues or liquid remains from accumulating both in the 510 connector and in the batteries themselves.
  • Or, finally, never carry batteries loose in your pockets. If we transport extra batteries to change them in case the ones of our mod run out, they must always be stored in a case or silicone cover to protect the batteries.

These have been some of the tips that every vaper should keep in mind so that their vaping is safe.

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