What are atomizers?


The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains and vaporizes the vaping liquid. The liquid in the tank passes into the resistance, where it turns into vapor to be sucked in.

Types of Atomizers:

  • clearomizer

This could be said to be the simplest type of atomizer, ideal if you are starting to enjoy the world of vaping .

  • Repairable Atomizers

This type of atomizer, as its name indicates, is repairable, which means that you can change the resistance yourself, thus giving you better power. It is perfect when you have a little more experience. Within the repairable atomizers we find 4 subtypes:

RDA: RDAs do not contain a tank, that is, in order to vape it is necessary to moisten the cotton of the resistance directly, which is why it is known as the drip atomizer.

RTA: In this case we are dealing with an atomizer that does have a tank attached to the cover.

RDTA: We could say that the RDTAs are the mixture of the two previous types, since it allows you to savor that dry vaping so characteristic of the RDAs but with its own tank as in the RTAs.

GTA: The differentiating characteristic of this type of atomizer is the fact that the resistance is incorporated inside its tank, it is one of the least known and used.

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