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Compared with the first generation Seahorse wax pen, the Seahorse PRO Electronic Nectar Collector can be called a super multi vape pen. Not only is it easy to clean, can fit most 510 cartridges, but we also supply accessories to fit all glass bongs and dab rigs.

The dab coil for the seahorse PRO is not ceramic, it is a quartz coil that provides the best smooth flavor for healthier dabbing. You can purchase replaceable coils that are sold separately on our site.

The electric honey straw device is powered by a 3.7 volt (650mah) rechargeable battery.

The dab battery is a 510 thread battery with variable voltage, so it can change the voltage between 3.2V, 3.6V, 4.1V, and it works with 1.2Ω resistance. You can also switch between manual mode and auto session mode.

The glass mouthpiece means you can see the wax vapor while dabbing, just like on a glass nectar collector. It looks like a high-end dabbing straw, and the removable glass pieces that make up the mouthpiece make it easy to clean, meaning you can maintain impressive flavor through every session.

When dabbing with the Seahorse Pro, simply set the desired heat and then place a small amount of wax or concentrate on the tip. Do not push the tip into a hard surface as the delicate quartz coil could easily be damaged, use a dabbing tool instead. The heat from the coil will vaporize your concentrate and it can be inhaled through the mouthpiece.

The Seahorse Pro uses a unique touch style dip coil with a food grade quartz tip. This allows you to dip it into the concentrates and vaporize them right from the container. To replace the tips of the Lookah seahorse pro you can see the quartz tips; or the ceramic tips on the dab and wax pens subcategory page of our website.

The Seahorse Pro has two modes. A manual mode and an exclusive mode.
For manual mode, press the button and dab at your chosen temperature.
The wax-only mode is activated by pressing the power button three (3) times in quick succession. The vaporizer starts with a 15 second preheat mode indicated by a flashing light. It will then hold the set temperature for 30 seconds, providing just enough time for the perfect dab session.

You can use the seahorse pro with a glass hookah for smoother hits. Using the supplied pipe kit and silicone tubing, connecting the pipe mouthpiece to your water rig, the dab pen doubles as an enail. It allows you to dab with the pen and pass the vaporized concentrate through a water filtration tube before inhaling. If you want to use the Seahorse Pro with oil carts, simply unscrew the quartz tip and screw in any 510 cartridge. This can be smoked from either end of the Seahorse pro. With multiple ways to smoke, the Seahorse Pro pen offers a nice improvement over the original Seahorse by taking its award-winning design and ease of use to the next level.

To ensure that your quartz tip lasts as long as possible, be sure to burn off all of the concentrates in the tip after each dab. If you leave the concentrates on the tip or inside the airways, they will harden and possibly ruin or wear out the coil prematurely.


  • Battery: 650mah (battery included)
  • fast heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and Bong Compatible
  • 1 device, multipurpose
Package content:
  • 1 x Seahorse PRO
  • 1 x Tip/Coil Cover
  • 1 x connection hose
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x 14/18mm adapter
  • 1 x USB cable

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Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Wax - Nectar Kit
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