What is ohmage and how does it influence my Vaping?


The world of vaping has arrived with everything in recent months and with it new terms are introduced that we probably do not know, especially if we are taking the first step to start vaping . For this reason, today we bring you a brief explanation of what ohmage is and how it works.


First of all let's define the word "ohms" . An ohm is a unit that measures resistance. If we talk about vaping, it would be the difficulty encountered by the electric current to complete a circuit. The lower the ohmage of a resistor, the less opposition it makes to the flow of electric current, so it needs more power and more time to heat up.

Normally, the commercial resistors themselves usually indicate the power range in which they can be used, so that we force them or damage them due to misuse. This range is usually given by two points, the ohmage that the resistor has and the material it is made of. When we started to see the first vapers, the ohmage of the resistances or coils used to be between 1.5ohm and 3ohm. Later, the mods arrived and with them the sub-ohm resistances, these that had an ohmage of less than 1.0ohm and that allowed a greater vapor by requiring more power and, therefore, the concentration of nicotine in the liquids had to be reduced to avoid a excess nicotine absorption, plus a throat hit so hard it was annoying.

There are two main categories of vapers: Those who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, with puffs more similar to those of a traditional cigarette and that are achieved with standard resistances of more than 1.0ohm, as well as powers less than 20W. On the other hand, those who prefer direct lung vaping (popularly known as DL or DTL) that are achieved with sub-ohm resistances and with powers greater than 20W. Today, Pod-type devices, discrete electronic cigarettes, with low powers and with cartridges that normally have resistances greater than 1.0ohm, have become fashionable again.

With these two definitions we hope that you are a little clearer about what type of vaping you prefer and what is the appropriate resistance for each of them. You can always consult an expert if you have doubts when choosing your first device.

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