How to charge the Batteries?


This is a frequent question that people who are starting in the world of Vaping ask themselves, so today we bring you this post in which we will talk a little about the subject.

The most appropriate way to charge the batteries of our vaporizer is through an external charger.

When someone buys a vaporizer and it comes with external batteries, the most frequent question is if they can be charged through the USB connector that the Mod comes with. The answer to this is Yes, but it is not recommended, not because it is bad. but because the load is limited by the space dedicated in the mod to it. It is a physical issue of not being able to have enough space to incorporate the most appropriate electronics and facilitate the dissipation of the heat generated in the load, regardless of the quality of the software that is incorporated for its control. Reason for which we can damage both the batteries and the electronics itself.

Therefore, if possible, it is better to charge them at a low intensity so as not to force them, even though they can withstand higher intensities. And it must be taken into account that all materials have their fatigue. Our advice is that if you have the possibility to get an external charger, do so, this will help you preserve the batteries for a longer time.

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